Open Source is Now a Big Data Service

Open source technologies continue to make headway across a range of industries undergoing digital conversions. The big data sector has of course led the way with a growing list of Apache Foundation projects ranging from Hadoop to Spark that have made their way into data-centric enterprises coping with huge data volumes.

Among the vendors seeking to make access to open source technologies a single-click service is the Silicon Valley startup Instaclustr, which touts its “Open Source-as-a-Service” platform as a way of hosting and managing big data technologies in their “100 percent open source form.”

Author: George Leopold


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  1. George,

    There’s a language called Executable English. Apps written in EE are inherently open source, and readable. Results from running EE aps can be explained on demand in English, at the business level.

    The platform that supports this is live online at with many examples.

    You are welcome to write and run your own apps too.
    Shared use is free, and there are no advertisements.


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