Citizen Data Science and the Democratization of Analytics

Democratization through machine learning and knowledge-sharing tools is expanding data science capabilities to more and more “citizens” in the broader working community.

The ongoing shortage of data scientists has been well documented. Even as the business world grows increasingly digitized and reliant on big data modelling and analytics to drive value and profit, those possessing the requisite education and expertise in mathematics/statistics, data prep, programming, and distributed computing to meet data science challenges are rare birds.

Author: Michael O’Connell


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  1. There’s a knowledge sharing platform live online that supports writing and running of data based apps specified in open vocabulary executable English.

    Each app can explain its results with a human readable audit trail showing its reasoning steps all the way to the data that is used.

    Here’s a summary slide

    and a short paper

    The platform is live online at with many examples, and you can use your browser to write and run your own. Shared use is free, and there are no advertisements.


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