Startup Targets Tableau, IBM In $166B Business Intelligence Mart

There are plenty of startups going after the business of business intelligence. What companies want is to find a needle of insight in a haystack of data — both structured in a database form and unstructured (video clips, tweets, texts, etc.).

The quicker a company can get the insight and the lower the cost of doing that, the better. In days of yore, companies paid millions of dollars to purchase hardware and license database software, they’d spend another 30% of that cost to hire consultants and their own data scientists to pore through the data to try to get useful answers to business questions.

Author: Peter Cohan


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  1. When bringing together data from many sources, we have to be careful about what the data means. We should also be able to get human readable explanations of what the app(s) did in processing the data. There’s an online system called Executable English that supports this. Here are two examples of apps written for the system:

    You can view, run and edit the examples by pointing a browser to . You are welcome to write and run your own apps too.
    Shared use is free, and there are no advertisements.


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