Can Spotify And Metallica Localize Live Shows With Big Data?

They also signal to fans the mindsets of their favorite bands and musicians – Are they trying to move past an overplayed classic? Are they feeling nostalgic for their garage days? Does the lead singer have trouble hitting the high notes now?

while usually offering samples of new product. To a certain type of fan, in fact, compiling and comparing set lists amounts to using primary-source documentation to analyze a sliver of music history. Beyond that, set lists have tremendous power over the concert experience. Play that sixth track from the first album, and that lifelong fan in the front row – the person who put down $150 for a ticket (to say nothing of the overpriced T-shirt, beers and hot dogs) and who might put down another $150 for the next show – will go home happy, content with the hole in his bank account.


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