What Is An Insight Engine? And Other Questions

We collectively spend huge chunks of our lives wading through data in search of information that’s useful. In fact, while there are many different approaches to it, that is what the big data game is all about. Now an emerging class of systems dubbed “insight engines” promise to automate that information retrieval task, to one degree or another.

Insight engines are a relatively new class of big data product that emerged recently from the world of search (which also gave us Hadoop). Gartner is at the forefront of the trend, and recently issued a Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines to replace the same for enterprise search. To get the low down on insight engines, we caught up with Daniel Fallmann, the CEO and founder of Mindbreeze, an Austrian software company that was featured in that recent Magic Quadrant. Here’s an edited version of an email Q&A with the CEO:

Author: Alex Woodie

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