Are We Nearing The End Of Hadoop And Big Data?

A few weeks ago, two giants of the big data Hadoop era, Cloudera and Hortonworks, announced they would be merging. The announcement claimed it would be a “merger of equals.” It is fascinating to see these two groundbreaking pioneers coming together.

I remember several years ago when they burst onto the technology scene. They promised to help leaders re-architect their data centers and information frameworks — and substantially lower the cost of storing and processing data, from the many thousands of dollars per terabyte that used to be common. They recognized that the data being generated by diverse sources such as internet-of-things devices, video and non-text media, transaction logs, social graphs and social interaction logs, among many others, was so huge, that traditional data infrastructures were simply not suited to the task. They enabled businesses to do projects that couldn’t be done before.

Author: Alex Robbio

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