My Top Five Data Science Reads of 2018

Data Science is an emerging field, and everybody is trying to hone their skills to master it. People are curious about the vital ingredients needed to become a ‘good’ Data Scientist. I believe a sound understanding of statistics, good command over tools like R/Python, being able to spot patterns in data, ability to apply accurate models are few of the many traits that are required. 

However being good is one thing and being successful is another. A ‘successful’ data scientist not only focuses on the necessary tools and concepts but also remains abreast with the current trends in the industry. Books are an excellent way to build a better perspective and extend the horizons of imagination. Despite the plethora of Data Science resources available on the internet, books help to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and can be used as a ready reference, whenever required.

Author: Parul Pandey


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