Data Science in a Box: Tools Attack Critical Skills Shortage

Instrumental to advanced analytics and machine learning, data scientists must have command of a kitchen sink of tasks: collecting, preparing and organizing large data sets in a variety of formats; developing and testing algorithms; building and implementing machine learning solutions; conducting data pattern analysis; explaining results to line managers, senior management and customers.

Their education and qualifications, it include “a graduate degree in computer science and expertise in mathematics, statistics, computer programming and business knowledge. Oh heck ya, we can do that. The kitchen sink list of data science skills and knowledge combined with scarcity has driven stratospheric costs: data scientists out of college are supplicated with offers in the high five figure; for experienced ones, pay reaches into the mid-six figures. A McKinsey report projects a U.S. data scientist shortfall of about 250,000 by 2024.

Author: Doug Black

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