Panasonic IoT strategy is all about big data analytics

TechRepublic Managing Editor Bill Detwiler spoke with Panasonic’s Faisal Pandit about how Panasonic has been in the sensor and data business for decades, and it’s using that experience to build a data-focused IoT business. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Bill Detwiler: How do you see IoT evolving in the next year? Maybe you start with where we kind of are from your perspective in IoT, and what Panasonic is looking at, and what do you see coming in the next year? Faisal Pandit: A lot of people think IoT is a new thing. IoT has gained a lot of acceptance recently, but I go back to 28 years ago when I started my first job. I was a computer science undergrad. My first job was, there’s a big a machine, here’s a PC, connect to this machine, and collect data, and create a pretty chart out of the data

Author: Bill Detwiler

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