What Gartner Sees In Analytic Hubs

In the old days, companies would build their business intelligence strategies from the ground up, typically starting with a traditional data warehouse. But as the volume, trajectory, and types of data have exploded, companies have looked for more agile solutions to drive their analytics strategies. The state of the art in this software genre is something that Gartner calls a data management solution for analytics (DMSA), or an “analytics hub.”

According to Gartner, a DMSA is a “complete software system that supports and manages data in one or many file management systems, most commonly a database or multiple databases.” Depending on the underlying data model used – such as relational, XML, JSON, key-value, geospatial, or graph — a DMSA can take on many different flavors, including traditional SQL analytics, machine learning, or graph processing.

Author: Alex Woodie


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