5 Business Analytics and BI Books That Should Be On Your Reading List

Data is everywhere and it has already started to make a massive impact on enterprises. In this article, we list down top 5 Business Analytics and BI books that cover the key areas of Business Analytics and BI and will help in your learning journey. Before you dive into the 5 must-read BA & BI books, here’s a quote from American statesman Andrew Jackson. 

“You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing”- Andrew Jackson. 1| Business Intelligence For Dummies By Swain Scheps About: One of the best selling books, Business Intelligence for Dummies starts from the very basics of BI to make it understandable for the beginners. It includes the concepts and vocabulary which are crucial for a learner at the very initial stage. Here, you will learn the essential steps to perform BI-based goals. The writer makes crystal clear step-by-step topics for proceeding in the subject.

Author: Ambika Choudhury

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