Big Data’s Biggest Challenge: How to Avoid Getting Lost in the Weeds

Companies have access to more data than ever before. But how can they optimize it without getting lost in the weeds – or losing sight of the customer? Evite CEO Victor Cho and Wharton marketing professor Raghuram Iyengar offered advice from their own experiences during a recent conversation with Knowledge@Wharton.

Cho was on campus to host a Datathon with the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative, which Iyengar co-directs. Penn students from multiple academic majors were given datasets from Evite and asked to come up with solutions based on the data for improving Evite’s platform and increasing revenue. Evite is among the participants in WCAI’s corporate partner program, which seeks to help companies find ways to better use their data through collaborations with academic researchers, student projects and other initiatives.


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  1. Executable English could be very useful for this project.


    some-person is a man
    that-person is mortal

    this-person is a man

    The platform that supports this is live online at with many examples. You can use your browser to write and run your own examples too.

    If you are reading this, you already know the language — it’s open vocabulary, largely open syntax. So there’s almost no learning curve!

    (It may look too simple for a programming language, but it’s actually Turing-complete)


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