Here’s What Doug Cutting Says Is Hadoop’s Biggest Contribution

Apache Hadoop isn’t the center of attention in the IT world anymore, and much of the hype has dissipated (or at least regrouped behind AI). But the open source software project still has a place for on-premise workloads, according to Hadoop co-creator Doug Cutting, who says Hadoop will be remembered most of all for a single contribution it made to IT.

At last week’s Strata Data Conference in San Francisco, Cutting shared some time with Datanami to discuss the open source software project that he’s best known for, the state of distributed systems development right now, and what he sees coming next down the pike. “[Hadoop] is still going strong,” says Cutting, who is the chief architect at Cloudera, which merged with its rival Hortonworks earlier this year to become the clear market leader in the Hadoop space.

Author: Alex Woodie

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