This is How Big Data Can Influence Content Marketing Effort

People have always had a misconception about content marketing campaigns that they were built on ideas coming from huddling around a whiteboard as a team, working in isolation, or staring at a screen for hours upon end. However, the actual scenario is entirely different- It has several nuances to it, most of which no one really talks about.

The Era of Content Marketing When someone asks you what do you do, and you say I am a content marketer. Do you find that quizzical look on their face when they aren’t satisfied with your answer? It often happens to me! So I simply explain them; it’s like working for some kind of newsletter where you have to look forward each day to receive insights regarding the financial market. Of course, the newsletter has nothing to do with the funds the broker was selling, but the information provided is quite valuable and useful for investments made by the reader.

Author: Vikash Kumar

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