How to Create an Effective and Actionable Data Strategy

I recently read an interesting article discussing the results of PWC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey. Not shockingly to many, even with all of the data that we have access to these days, leadership teams are suffering from gaps that hinder them from being able to do what they need to move the needle.

With operational efficiencies being highlighted as a key strategy and the lack of actionable intelligence also noted as having not changed in several years (across areas including customers and employees needs), it reminded me of why I even started my company in the first place — to measure any goal in a better way. Many years ago, I was handed a very big report that was called “The Voice of the Workforce” or “VOW” as we called it. It was several questions, the results of which showed us the magnitude of how much employees agreed or disagreed with a variety of statements with respect to their experience.

Author: Sarah Deane

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