When Citizen Data Science Meets Basketball Analytics

Basketball, like all sports these days, is getting more data-driven all the time. Teams are looking to data to tell them where to play, what to shoot, and who to double-team in the hopes of eking out a competitive edge. While much of the basketball analytics is hush-hush, the citizen data scientist still has opportunities to glean insights from data that is readily available.

One such citizen data scientist is Nick David, a product management specialist at Datawatch, which was recently acquired by data engineering and HPC software develoepr Altair. David isn’t classically trained as a data scientist, but he does have data analytic skills. What’s important, though, is he knows basketball. “I decided I wanted to build a model that allowed me to predict something that’s a fun debate among fans: Who’s going to make the NBA All-Star team?” David said. “I started looking at this back in November.

Author: Alex Woodie

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