How to integrate Power BI and SharePoint via embedded reports

Reports created with Microsoft’s cloud-based Power BI software can be made available through its SharePoint collaboration platform so end users can view them on SharePoint team sites. There are several ways to combine Power BI and SharePoint, including a data gateway that integrates Power BI with on-premises SharePoint Server 2019 systems.

In addition, you can include Power BI reports on pages in the SharePoint Online cloud service. One method of doing so involves publishing a link to a report, which is similar to what you do in SharePoint Server 2019 after a report is created via the data gateway; a second method embeds the report itself. Which method you decide to use depends partly on the type of Power BI license you have and whether you’re working with the so-called modern pages supported in the Office 365 version of SharePoint.

Author: Brien Posey

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