Kubernetes Is a Prime Catalyst in AI and Big Data’s Evolution

Kubernetes is becoming synonymous with cloud-native computing. As an open-source platform, it enables development, deployment, orchestration and management of containerized microservices across multicloud ecosystems. Kubernetes is the key to cloud-native microservices that are platform agnostic, dynamically managed, loosely coupled, distributed, isolated, efficient, and scalable.

The maturation of Kubernetes continues to deepen as it leverages containers, orchestrations, service meshes, immutable infrastructure, and declarative APIs. One clear indicator of Kubernetes’ maturation is the rich ecosystem of other open-source projects that have grown up around it. These include a remote procedure call (gRPC), container network interface (CNI), DNS-based service discovery (CoreDNS), packaging environment (Helm), service mesh and proxy (Istio and Envoy), serverless interface (Kubelets), VM-coexistence environment (Kubevirt), stateful semantic interface (StatefulSets), transaction-troubleshooting interface (Jaeger debugging environment (Linkerd), object storage system (Rook), and messaging environment (NATS).

Author: James Kobielus

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