Using Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage: Expert Advice

Gaining competitive advantage from data analytics: businesses in 2018 are very focused on leveraging this emerging technology. Yet where there’s a lot of power in analytics, there’s a lot of confusion in actually using it. Gaining consensus within a company to using analytics to its greatest potential is a true challenge.

To discuss data analytics challenges like this, I spoke with two top experts: Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk | Bill Schmarzo, CTO, IoT and Analytics, Hitachi Vantara. Gaining Competitive Advantage from Data Analytics J. Maguire: The question is, and Bill I’ll ask you this first, how do you gain alignment and consensus around analytics within a company, to make the most of it? B. Schmarzo: One of the things we’re doing, James, is we’re actually embracing concepts called “design thinking”, which may seem very bizarre, that I’m talking design thinking when I’m talking analytics. There are a lot of things that design thinking does.

Author: James Maguire

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