Oracle Business Intelligence: Product Overview and Insight

Oracle is a natural choice for organizations using Oracle databases and other enterprise tools the company offers. It offers a broad array of BI, reporting and analytics tools.

Oracle offers several products designed to handle data mining, business intelligence and data analytics. The most prominent product, Oracle Business Intelligence 12c, takes aim at big data with powerful reporting and analytics tools that handle a variety of tasks, including data visualizations, mobile tools and sophisticated mash-ups. The integrated self-service platform is designed to help business leaders and others explore and share data.

Author: Samuel Greengard

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  1. Here’s another item for the toolbox — Executable English. #AI #BI .

    It’s open vocabulary, largely open syntax.

    Executable Example:

    some-person is a man
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    The platform that supports this is live online at Executable English LLC with many examples. You can use your browser to write and run your own examples too.

    If you are reading this, you already know the language, so there’s almost no learning curve!

    (It may look too simple for a programming language, but it’s actually Turing-complete)


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