Why is Data Scientist the Most Promising Tech Job in 2019?

There is no astonishment in the fact that in 2019, data scientist is seen as an emerging job in 2019. The 2019 Thursday report of LinkedIn after carrying out a comprehensive survey proved it. This decision was never an overnight affair. It is because from over the past three years, data scientist profession has been topping the Glassdoor list of the leading jobs in America.

The reason why for the consecutive three years the profession is gaining popularity is that skilled individuals are demanding high salaries, high job satisfaction, and high non-monetary rewards. How did LinkedIn arrive with such an evaluation? When the LinkedIn assessed the data regarding job openings, salaries and the ranking of them, they found that all these data were based on a number of principles. The leading factor among them was the promising pay that determined the technicality of the profession. Following this salary factor, another include:

Author: Asif Razzaq

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