Benefits and Challenges of Using Self-Service Business Intelligence

In an ideal world, a company would love if all its employees had in-depth knowledge of business data and how to analyze it. But that’s just not a reality. As a matter of fact, when it comes to business intelligence, roughly 70 percent of users have limited skillsets for interpreting data.

While this puts data analysts in hot demand, it can also add to the stress of IT departments and those tasked with examining large sets of data on a regular basis. There is, however, a solution aimed at relieving the pressure of data teams while lowering the barrier to entry for everyday users. This solution is called self-service business intelligence software. What is self-service business intelligence? Many of today’s business intelligence tools generally require the help of analysts or experienced professionals to query and interpret data.

Author: Devin Pickell

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  1. There is new technology that supports self-service BI — Executable English, live online at with many examples. You can use your browser to write and run your own examples too. Shared use is free, there are no advertisements. If you are reading this you already know the (non) programming language!


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