Streamlining US Navy operations with Big Data analytics

Big Data analytics can help the US Navy in several areas of business, from streamlining contracts to optimising operations on-board its ships. Saalex Solutions is working with the US Naval Warfare Centre to put the data it has collected over several decades into practice, sparing the Navy’s time and the taxpayer’s money. How does Saalex turn spreadsheets into savings?

The wave of Big Data analytics continues to sweep across all areas of business, and defence is no exception. The US Navy, for instance, is relying on it to optimise how it issues contracts, provides accurate figures for billing and maintenance of naval equipment, and deploys personnel across naval operations. Data analytics firm Saalex Solutions is working with the US Naval Surface Warfare Center – Corona (NSWC) in California, US, to put all the data the US Navy has collected over the past twenty years into practice, helping to save time and money and making life easier for military personnel.

Author: Talal Husseini

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