Facebook alumni forge own paths to big data analytics tools

Startups Interana and Rockset differ in their approaches to providing new query capabilities on fast-arriving big data. Both are led by technologists who started at Facebook. Software engineers at Facebook forged many of the software types that now comprise big data analytics tools. Hive, Presto, Scuba and other tools were created at Facebook to drive the analytics efforts that fueled the social media platform’s high-powered growth.

Lately, people behind some Facebook analytics efforts have been striking out on their own. Examples of Facebook veterans on a quest for better big data analytics come by way of Rockset, co-founded by Venkat Venkataramani, and Interana, co-founded by Bobby Johnson. These vendor executives each held leading data engineering roles at Facebook, and both look to ride recent trends in big data analytics at their new venues. The goal is to provide user-ready tools that allow customers to quickly begin to analyze complex data sets.

Author: Jack Vaughan

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