3 reasons why your company dislikes big data, and 4 things you can do about it

In a business intelligence survey conducted by the German-based Business Application Research Center, 53% of survey respondents said that there was inadequate analytical know-how in their companies, and 56% acknowledged that their companies were not finding compelling business cases for big data.

This lack of big data business savvy continues to haunt companies, yet big data promoters, and IT must find ways to make inroads for big data adoption in mission-critical applications. Why? Otherwise, they risk falling behind. 3 reasons why your company dislikes big data. Below are three common impediments to big data adoption. 1. It’s complicated – Big data flies into the enterprise from everywhere. It must be painfully sorted out, cleaned, categorized, and aggregated with other types of data to give corporate decision makers enough information to make informed decisions.

Author: Mary Shacklett

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