Data Scientist Careers: How to Become a Data Scientist

Chances are, there’s a data scientist behind every big successful company: Data scientists crunch data and numbers to find ingenious solutions to problems and help their employer rise to the top — or at least compete with their rivals. Sound like an interesting job? Here’s everything you need to know to become and work as a data scientist.

Guide Overview – What Does a Data Scientist Do? How to Become a Data Scientist? Skills Needed to Be a Data Scientist. How Much Does a Data Scientist Make? Where Do Data Scientists Work? Related Careers in Data Science. What Does a Data Scientist Do? A data scientist is an analytical data expert with technical skills and the ability to solve complex problems. In a way, a data scientist is a mix between a mathematician, computer scientist and trend-spotter — someone who works within the technology and business worlds. And what does that all boil down to?


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