5 Non Work-Related Habits Every Data Scientist Must Inculcate

To be on top of your game at your game in the field of data science, reaching office on time and staying late, working day in and out is not the only thing. One has to be super productive outside the workplace as well.

In this article, Analytics India Magazine takes a look at some of the most effective habits that every data scientist, irrespective of his/her designation, need to inculcate when they are off the workplace. Hang Out With Career-Centric and Successful Co-Workers The people you spend time with matters a lot in the way you think and set your mindset. It also affects the way you want to take your career ahead. So, it is always considered to be good practice to spend time with co-workers after heavy eight-plus hours or working.

Author: Harshajit Sarmah

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