Big Data Analytics: the Top 3 Security and Compliance Challenges of 2019

There is an incredible number of people, devices, and sensors that generate, communicate, and share data. Analyzing this data gives organizations the ability to gain customer insights, develop better applications, and improve efficiency and effectiveness – or simply make better decisions.

While these insights are bringing many benefits to companies, there are also increasing concerns over the trustworthiness of this data as well as the security and compliance challenges regarding the way it is used. Here are the top 3 challenges for big data security and compliance in 2019: We need more data. Or do we? Almost everything we use today creates data – from our smartphones, to connected TVs, to our smartwatches. According to IDC, by 2025, 175 Zeta Bytes (1021) of data will have been created worldwide.

Author: Felix Rosbach

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