Understanding The Changing Role Of Business Analyst

The role of business analysts is one of the most in-demand jobs in data science and analytics industry and has significantly evolved over the years.

For instance, a few years ago business analysts would take charge of the whole systems and team during which they would grow deep understanding of systems and processes without relying much on the subject matter expertise. Business Analysts were thought to be taking care of a lot of analytical and technical aspects of the working, apart from handling the business side of it. While that was a general perception, the role of business analyst is more scattered with every domain coming up with their own set of specific requirements. Some may require proficiencies in Python and R, while others might not require it at all. With the evolution of roles, there is now a belief that business analysts have become nothing more than glorified project managers, whereas the actual and real analytics is now done by data scientists. But how fair is it to say that?

Author: Srishti Deoras

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