Self-service Business Intelligence Solutions: Potential and Requirements

80% of all business intelligence solutions will be self-service by 2020, according to a report by Gartner. For now, only 55% of the BI survey respondents rely on self-service BI tools, while 15% plan to adopt them within 12 months and 10% consider adoption in the long-term. What is self-service business intelligence and why is it gaining ground, pushing out traditional analytical suites and spreadsheet processors alike?

Breed Analytical Competitors Through Self-Service BI Tools The market is oversaturated with suppliers and manufacturers that can’t compete on the quality or price of the products. However, there is a way to get ahead of the pack using sophisticated data analytics tools to wring as much data from every business process and interaction to answer the crucial questions of: 1. What do the customers want? 2. How much are they willing to pay for that? 3. What makes them loyal to a particular brand?

Author: Alex Slobozhan

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  1. There’s a self service no code platform live on the web that supports writing and running of self-explaining data based apps specified in open vocabulary executable English. Shared use is free. No ads. Use your browsers cooperatively to quickly write and run your own prototypes! If you are reading this, you already know the (non) programming language!


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