Study shows many senior managers distrust big data

A new Massey University study shows many top executives are failing to capitalise on the benefits of big data, preferring to rely on their own intuition. Dr. Nazim Taskin, Professor David Pauleen and Dr. Ali Intezari from Massey’s School of Management surveyed 116 managers from predominantly large and medium-sized New Zealand businesses. The aim was to examine the impact of data analytics on managerial decision-making.

While there is growing awareness of big data, most managers are cautious about using analytics for making decisions due to concerns about data reliability, Dr. Taskin says. “Nearly two-thirds of the managers interviewed said they had no confidence or trust in big data, preferring to rely instead on their intuition and experience to make decisions,” he says. “One-quarter of participants also confessed they had only a modest knowledge of what big data is, or what it can do.”

Author: Massey University

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