Five business intelligence trends marketers should not overlook

Last year was a big year for Business Intelligence (BI), particularly with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, and will no doubt continue to play a much larger role for marketers in 2019. This year won’t simply revolve around having the data or acquiring it, but what marketers choose to do with the information and how they use BI reporting to effectively create and manage client relationships.

Marketers should strongly consider the following five areas of BI in the year ahead. 1. Data quality management. It’s vital for marketers to make sure their business has systems in place to successfully manage the mass amounts of data their company is responsible for, particularly the accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the data. The age-old saying, “quality over quantity” holds true. Come to the table with data but bring the right kind, particularly any data that supports a brand’s story in an impactful and personalized manner.

Author: Marc Cerniglio

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