What New Data Scientists Need to Know for Their First Job

I’m a lead data scientist at the consulting firm and federal contracting giant Booz Allen Hamilton—a leader in the analytics services space. I oversee a small team of data scientists—some of whom are fresh out of masters and undergrad programs—in a variety of analytics platform development and algorithm development projects, from text mining, to document similarity and retrieval, to operations, program and business analytics.

As an alumnus of Syracuse University, I’m happy to be able to share some advice with soon-to-be graduates looking to enter a data science role in industry. Having had the opportunity to watch new data scientists grow, I want to share the three things that separate the great data scientists from the good data scientists I work with—customer thinking, data munging, and DevOps—as well as some tips about what I look for when interviewing data scientists.

Author: J.T. Wolohan

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