Microsoft Expands Hadoop on Azure

Microsoft has upgraded its open source analytics services running on Azure with a new version of Hadoop incorporating enhancements of Apache Hive and other open source analytics frameworks. The software giant (NASDAQ: MSFT), which completed its blockbuster acquisition of GitHub last October, continued its push into open source with this week’s release of Hadoop 3.0 on its Azure HDInsight analytics service.

The release incorporates upgrades to Hive, including its data warehouse “connector” for Apache Spark, as well as new versions of HBase and Phoenix. Lastly, Microsoft said Monday (April 15) its cloud-based Hadoop service integrates Spark IO cache, HDInsight’s data caching service designed to accelerate workloads running on Apache Spark clusters. The Hadoop upgrade represents Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to boost support for big data analytics applications on its Azure cloud. Microsoft is positioning its Hadoop 3.0 distribution as an “enterprise-ready service for open source analytics” that can run Spark, Kafka and others open- source apps.


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