Google Cloud Unveils Slew of New Data Management and Analytics Services

Google today unveiled a handful of new cloud services designed to simplify common tasks in the data analytics workflow, including a beta of a new data integration and ETL service called Cloud Data Fusion, the capability to leverage BigQuery from a spreadsheet interface, and the addition of Tensorflow machine learning capabilities to BigQuery ML, among others.

Google Cloud is the third largest public cloud, behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. But judging from the stream of announcements coming out of its Google Next show in San Francisco this week, the company isn’t content to be number three in a rapidly growing market. The biggest announcement today arguably is the unveiling of Cloud Data Fusion, which the company touts as a “fully-managed and cloud-native data integration service” that sports more than 100 out of the box connectors and a “broad library” of open-source transformations.

Author: Alex Woodie

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