How Big Data Can Help Save the World

Google the verb “Big Data,” and you get 3.68 billion results (as of June 8, 2018). Look at the top entries (first 10 plus paid ads), and see who’s on the first page: Oracle, IBM, SAS (a partner of IBM), McKinsey, Informatica. Big Data is Big Business. Is that expense justified.

Definitely, and not at all, depending on what you expect of it. Definitely because of common sense. Big Data, along with the analytics to process it, means better, faster, more-accurate forecasts and, therefore better, faster, more-accurate decisions. The business press (and Oracle, IBM, et al.) can provide Big Stories, Big Anecdotes, and Big Case Studies to show how Big Data allowed companies to more precisely target advertising and promotion, segment the customer base, plan 

Author: Benjamin Gilad

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