The Rise of the Citizen Data Scientist: How Humanized Machine Learning Is Augmenting Human Intelligence

IDC estimates worldwide data volume is set to rise by 61% between 2018 and 2025 – eventually reaching 175 zettabytes – with much of this generated by businesses. So how can this be harnessed to optimize business processes, improve day-to-day operations and inform decision-making? The answer lies with humanized machine learning platforms.

Many businesses today are struggling to analyze and extract full value from the wealth of data being generated and gathered daily. The challenge that lies with business problem owners – whether this is a C-level executive, analyst or even operations manager – is how to effectively understand their data to drive further business value and optimize processes. They may have spreadsheets full of data and use simple data models to extract limited value, but how can they take this further? The answer lies with greater accessibility of machine learning through user-centric platforms.

Author: Nathan Korda

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