4 Ways to Harness Business Intelligence for Smart, Data-Driven Decisions

Data-led Business Intelligence is helping millions of businesses make better data-driven decisions. But it’s only being used by the few rather than the many. If you’re thinking about implementing Business Intelligence in future, what are the challenges you might face when choosing the ideal solution?

Here’s what you need to know. First, pin down the most relevant solution. Get it right and BI generates an ROI of $10.66 for every dollar spent. It’s brilliant. But you can’t make a good buying decision until you’ve carried out a common sense ‘internal needs analysis’, the best way to find the exact right solution for your organisation. If you forget this initial essential step you’ll probably find – as do a disturbing 70% of all BI implementations – that yours will fail, and you’ll miss out on achieving your goals.

Author: Munawar Gul

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