Predictive Marketing: Here Is How Big Data Redefined Our Marketing Strategy?

Data has been and will always be critical to every product marketing campaign, the nature of today’s marketing space crowns data as the indisputable king. I have more than 10 years of media, product and marketing experience. I have always used data before deciding what to do next. But until a couple of years back it was solely based on the analytics tools on the market. 

Then with the boom of data science, we have met with predictive marketing, enabling us not just with the past data but also future forecasts as well. A Definitive Guide to Predictive Marketing I have worked in traditional media as well but it is not news that digitalization has taken over a great deal of marketing, and now determines how we perceive brands and eventually make our decisions on new tools we use or purchases we make. Globally, 1.9 trillion people are expected to buy online.

Author: Salih Sarikaya

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