What is Business intelligence (BI)

BI – Business intelligence, by the definition found in the English version of Wikipedia, is a set of theories, methodologies, architecture, and technologies that transform the nakedness, i.e. rough data into useful data that makes sense for business purposes.

This definition sounds to me pretty rougate and without too much sense. I would like to explain it this way: In the name of Business Intelligence, there is an explanation of what BI is. We all know what the job means, and “intelligence” would translate it as “intelligence” for this occasion. Combined, that would mean: business intelligence! Right! BI is, therefore, an analytical skill that, first of all, through the collection of data, the use of different data sources, and then using advanced techniques and methods of data intrusion, creates developed models, i.e. Data schemas from which you receive extremely useful reports.

Author: Alen Ibric

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