The Best Big Data Companies And CEOs To Work For In 2019 Based On Glassdoor

In 2019, employees are the most likely to recommend Arcadia Data, FiveTran, InfluxData, Dataiku, Confluent, Redis Labs, StreamSets, Looker, Periscope Data, ThoughtSpot, Alation, Dremio, and SAP to friends interested in working for a business analytics, data science and machine learning, big data systems and platform, or data management and integration company.

These 14 companies are the highest rated in their fields of expertise as defined by Computer Reseller News and Glassdoor ratings as of today, Friday, May 17th. Demand for technical professionals with analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), data science, or machine learning skills is flourishing today. Earlier this year, Indeed’s research teams found that Machine Learning Engineer Is the best job in the U.S. Insights into how to launch a Data Scientist career have led to many requests from readers regarding the best companies in these fields to work for.

Author: Louis Columbus

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