How AI will save us from the mess of big data

We are drowning in data that’s supposed to help us. The big data revolution has come from inexpensive data storage and automated data collection, giving organizations exponentially more data than they had in the past. From business logic data like computer log files to detailed weather patterns, purchasing data to TV viewing, we have access to so much data on how the world works and about the lives and habits of individuals.

A lot of this data is just sitting in warehouses, either real or virtual, being ignored or occasionally examined for trends. It’s just too much for people to handle. When it comes to healthcare, advanced new diagnostic techniques mean that more information is collected about patients than ever before. Doctors can’t and don’t ignore new information about their patients. Once a diagnostic option is possible and accessible, they then use it to save lives. In the case of CTs and MRIs, for example, these once-rare diagnostic tools used only in the most complicated of cases, are now routine. As CTs and MRIs themselves become more accurate, they now take more images of each person per exam, too.

Author: Elad Walach

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