Power BI Desktop July 2019 Feature Summary

With this month comes the first feature release from our announcements at Microsoft Business Application Summit, Icon sets, which also addresses our current #1 idea on On top of this major update, we have incremental improvements for many of our existing features, such as a counts experience for the Key influencers visual and RLS support for aggregations.

To round this out, we are also making several key features, the new filter pane and aggregations, generally available. The observant will notice that, if you’re not using the Microsoft Store version, the link downloads a different installer than before. Currently, we build and publish 84 different .msi files for installing Power BI – a 32-bit and a 64-bit one for each of the 42 languages we support! We’ve just completed work to wrap them all into two installers (32- and 64-bit), which gives users the ability to change the language of the UI and model without having to install a new version.

Author: Amanda Cofsky

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