6 Ways To Become More Marketable As A Data Scientist

Data Science is without a doubt “the sexiest job of the 21st century” and the popularity of data science has reached such a level today that not only graduates but even working professionals are moving to join the tribe.

And with time, the community is just getting bigger and better. However, not everyone who becomes a data scientist succeeds. Some end up being just a 9-5 data science employee in a firm, while some become a data science “pundits” who are known by the entire community. And what might be running in your head is the thought about how do they gain that popularity? What if I tell you, it’s all about that effective marketing strategy.

Author: Harshajit Sarmah

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  1. It’s also about using emerging tech to do Data Science not previously possible.

    One such tech is Executable English, an advanced AI IDE platform for writing and running self service, self-explaining apps specified in Executable English. You can use it standalone, or integrate it into a larger project using a browser or the provided web API.

    It’s live online at the site below, with many examples. If you are reading this, you already know the “programming” language !


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