3 lessons I learned as a first year Data Science grad student with no experience.

This past year I started working on my Masters in Data Science. Besides taking a SQL class on Khan Academy and several math classes in college, I had zero subject knowledge. All I knew about data and analytics was that I was working in that department because of a part-time job I took in college. 

With that being said here are some lessons I learned outside of class. 1. Learning the skill is what matters, not the grade. Ever since we started school, we were taught that at the end of the week we would get a gold sticker (which later becomes grades and school lost a little bit of sunshine) for doing a great job. Even now in grad school, I find myself wanting an A in class, which isn’t a bad thing but distracts us from the real goal of actually learning the skill.

Author: Evelyn Torrellas Cates

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