Forrester: Microsoft Power BI is a killer BI platform

Four years after its general availability, Microsoft Power BI has now emerged as a dominant BI platform for the enterprise. In the recent Forrester Wave report for Enterprise BI Platforms (Vendor-Managed), Q3 2019, Microsoft Power BI was recognized as a leader. Power BI also scored the highest score in both strategy and market presence.

Some key points about Power BI mentioned in Forrester report: You no longer need to be shy about using Microsoft Power BI; it’s a killer BI platform. The days of Microsoft BI as a second-class citizen among large enterprise BI platforms have come and gone. Power BI leapfrogged the competition since Forrester’s last evaluation and addressed most of the functionality modern enterprise BI platforms must have. It includes all of the hundreds of capabilities evaluated here.

Author: Pradeep

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