How a Data Scientist Became an Instagram Influencer Through Automation

Restaurants in Manhattan are expensive, unless you’re an influencer. Data scientist, Chris Buetti, realized that he could score some free meals just by posting about his dining experience on his Instagram ー but only if he had enough followers to earn “influencer” status. The problem was that being an influencer is a full-time job. The solution? Automation.

“I had a job, I didn’t have time to sit there and find pictures and post on Instagram and interact and all that stuff. Little by little, since I had that background, I was automating the content creation process,” he said. “I kind of created it from A to Z, perfected it, and then opened up a bunch of Instagram accounts where I kind of just deployed my code and sat back and let it do the work.” “It’s growing on its own. It’s got all real followers,” he said.

Author: Brian Henry

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