From Big Data To Small Data—From The Ideal To The Possible

“Big data” in health care has certainly promised a lot, with large investments in analytics capabilities by health and human service organizations. But the success of big data is, in part, a hostage to the halting efforts on health information exchange (HIE)—see Health Information Exchange-Can Work, Isn’t Working and Data Exchange Via Mail & Fax? In Today’s Market?.

We’ve written before about the strategic jeopardy for specialty provider organizations caused by the inability to participate in HIE (see HIE 3.0? and How To Be Operable In An Interoperable World), which is why a “prediction” in an recent Forbes article, Top 8 Healthcare Predictions For 2019, caught my attention: “Analytics shifts from big data to meaningful small data by hospital specialty.” I think that in many ways this is already, by necessity, happening.

Author: Sarah C. Threnhauser

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