Big Data, Small Results? 3 Ways To Make Your Data Deliver More Value

For a good number of years, your company has been investing in capturing data descriptive of systems health, operation and performance. Expectations have been high that predictive maintenance, operation and cost reductions will quickly follow. Alas, expectations and reality have failed to meet.

Mountains of data have been collected, but few insights have been gleaned. No meaningful actions have been taken based on the collected data, and no compelling business cases have emerged. Data is king—we all know that. So, what has gone wrong? Why has so little been done with so much data? This quandary reminds me of my onetime hobby of stamp collecting. It used to go something like this: The postman would arrive in his truck and deposit the bundle of envelopes into our mailbox and we would rush to examine the goods. To keep from getting caught, we would smuggle the envelopes under our coats and carefully steam them to remove the stamps in one piece.

Author: Hod Fleishman

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