The Basics of Business Intelligence Dashboards

If you’re an inventory manager or a business owner, having data about the way your business runs can be a game-changer. However, gathering data is only part of the equation. Collating and analysing a wealth of information can be a tedious challenge, especially in the face of insurmountable piles of data. 

These issues are common for inventory managers and business owners, and a clever tool has come in to amalgamate this information for you. What is a business intelligence dashboard? A business intelligence (BI) dashboard is a summary of business information and analytics displayed on a single screen. It uses data visualisation tools to highlight KPIs, notable business analytic metrics and pertinent team or department data. This technology allows businesses to have a direct insight into their performance and equips them with the tools to plan, execute and enhance their practice with data to back up decisions.

Author: Melanie

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